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Slouch to 5k

8 weeks ago I was most certainly the ‘slouch’. The thought of running 5k seemed further from achievement than…well…5k. 

My relationship with exercise has always been more like a teenage crush. Everything’s going great for the first few days, then you get bored, eventually give up and promise one another you’ll try again some time (knowing full well you probably won’t).

This tiring relationship with exercise was all before Monty rocked up.  I tried the gym, both on my own and with Jack but I was never whole-heartedly comfortable with the concept. I was self conscious of who was looking at me (probably nobody) and never really took the time to learn how and what parts of my body I should be working with to achieve my goal. That goal being toning and weight loss. Nothing drastic, but just some, if only to prove to myself that I could do it.   

I’ve run in the past. A bit like Phoebe out of that episode from Friends, but I enjoyed it. I felt far more comfortable than I ever did in a gym and I liked the fact that it was outside. 

My choice to start running seriously was predominantly fuelled by my inability to sleep properly. I am, and probably always will be a lark. Normally staring at my phone from as early as 5am until either Jack or Moo wake up. Enough was enough…

For those that haven’t heard about it, Couch to 5k is an NHS endorsed running programme designed for complete beginners, with the final goal of being able to complete a 5 kilometer (3.1mile) run after 9 weeks of training.  And so 9 weeks ago I dug out the gym gear that I thought I’d banished for good, donned a pair of very sexy running trainers and stepped out of my front door at 5:57am. 

The steady interval training helped build stamina I never thought I could muster, and with George Ezra spurring me on from my Spotify whilst the voice of Michael Jordan interjected to keep track of my progress in the app, I slowly conquered milestones, a minute at a time. It hasn’t been easy, but I honestly never thought I could run for 5 minutes let alone 30, but having finished week 9, 30 minutes was my daily goal and instead of reading the daily mail gossip pages on my iphone at ludicrous-o’clock I’m out banking half hour runs for, dare I say it….Fun!

I feel better for it. Massively. I have more energy to keep up with M.  My days begin with far more energy than they used to and although I’m up at an ungodly hour to hit the tarmac I sleep better come the end of the day. And I enjoy it!

There will be plenty of you reading this thinking “No way, I can’t do that, not 30 minutes.” I was just like you but I did it, and will continue to do it. So squeeze in to that lycra you haven’t worn in months and I promise you, you’ll never look back.

Georgina x 

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