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Three's a crowd. Just how we like it...

Is 2 years 2 late? 

It’s a valid question. One we’ve asked ourselves numerous times before we decided to put fingers to keys for our blog.  Two years as an adult is a long time but when it comes to kids it can feel like an eternity (both mentally and physically) and so much happens for kids in two years that it’s hard for everyone to keep up. We learnt very quickly that we needed to go at our own pace which is considerably slower than Monty’s, so I’ll do just that and start at the beginning.

I’m Jack, a greying 32 year old company director of a recycling business based in Watford, Hertfordshire where we’ve lived for the past 8 years.  My wife Georgina was a finance analyst at an insurance brokers until young Monty burst on to the scene in a sub 5 hour labour in February 2017.

Since then its been non stop which is true of any first time parents of course, but with M (one of several abbreviated nicknames he has) it really has been, and it's taken 2 years to stockpile enough energy to set up the page you are happily clicking around and exploring.  

G (can you see the pattern here) took to motherhood in an instant, making every day seem effortless as she floated amongst a permanently erected clothes horse, sterilizing blindfolded and still finding time to apply the perfect coat of war paint at her dressing table each morning.

I stumbled to work in a haze of caffeine and, well, more caffeine, missing the two of them and secretly relishing in the space and peace.  Gradually each day became easier, the caffeine intake less, the sleep more and the moments of joy uncountable.

At a shade over 2 years old now, Moo (another caveat I’m afraid) ceases to amaze us daily on how he can run on very little sleep, pasta and the phrase “pleeece carrr”.  In a vain attempt to tire him out we’ve taken out zoo membership, should be honorary life members at ‘Rock Up’ soft play and he has so many wheeled vehicles he probably needs fleet insurance.  None of these seem to drain his roadrunner-esque energy levels and come 7pm each night we both collapse on the sofa exhausted whilst he softly recalls nursery rhymes before falling asleep (most likely dreaming at light speed).

Eventually we managed to stay awake past about 7:30pm ourselves and decided that we have a combination of skills (or at least we think we do) to share with the darkest instaparent corners of the internet. G has an uncanny ability to seek out the impossible bargain like a shark tasting blood in the water from a mile off. From holidays for seemingly absurd prices, to make up, my clothes and foremost Monty’s ever growing collection of super stylish clobber. Kids clothing is huge and something that George instantly fell in love with, everyday a new opportunity for a new look when the wardrobe doors fly open. The Me Monty & I shop is the perfect place to flaunt his style and devilish good looks.

So, yes, 2 years is quite late for all of this but I can assure you, we’re just getting started.  


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